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Since 1988

After Hours Public Services Answering Service

public-services-answering-service-tacoma-waPro Call Center offers a call center and public services answering service for nationwide medical centers, and business and trade centers nationwide from our headquarters in the Tacoma, WA area.

Our call answering service offers after hour coverage for a vast variety of businesses that can help you to encapsulate all the services you offer.

We provide a professional after hour public services answering service that is manned by trained experts. Our answering service personnel respond to calls using the customized script you provide.

Our public services answering service brings with it numerous advantages including:

  • Business efficiency enhancement
  • Business image improvement
  • Need for fewer personnel

By keeping us in charge of your call answering service, you can reduce the number of personnel you employ to attend to your numerous queries. Your employees will be free to work on more productive and urgent tasks, while we handle all your after hour needs.


What are the Benefits of a Call Answering Service?

call-answering-service-tacoma-waOur public services answering service helps to raise your business profile in the eyes of potential customers and competition.

We use only state-of-the-art technology for your public services answering service to help us answer and record all your client phone calls.

An overview of the primary physical components used by our call answering service includes:

  • Special grade “T1” multiplexed phone lines
  • Private Branch eXchange system
  • High speed networks
  • Backup equipment on site

With the help of the aforementioned equipment, your after-hour and call answering service queries can be carefully and safely recorded, monitored and executed.

Our call answering service can also be used to keep prank callers and unwanted interferences at bay. Our public services answering service includes the filtering of your calls to exclude non-essential calls from those you need to attend to.

Also, we have our own fail over power generator. This enables us to keep your after hour service safe and to ensure that your public services answering service isn’t affected.


Why Choose Us as Your Answering Service?

answering-service-tacoma-waPro Call Center has been providing call answering service and catering to after hour needs since 1988.

By serving 24/7 and keeping our public services answering service active all year round we help you to stay open even during holidays.

Our call answering service is driven by the following:

  • Reliability and assurance
  • Professionally trained employees
  • Safety and backup

We are an award winning call center offering public services answering service. Our after hour business has expanded over the years thanks primarily to word-of- mouth endorsements.

Gift your center a call answering service today. Call us on 800-710-3642.